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Reference number: 2207

Date: 1970

Director: d. Murray Grigor

Sponsor: Films of Scotland for the Old Fettesian Association

Production company: Martvr Ltd

Sound: sound

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 15.19 mins

Description: Activities and events at Fettes College, Edinburgh including a visit by HM the Queen Mother.

Paper archive at 4/11/451.

Credits: cam. Mark Littlewood
res. H.F. McDonald
comm. T.R. Butchard
nar. Alistair MacIntyre
m. adv. D.M. Lester-Cribb

Shotlist: [Shotlisted at different speed. Actual timing is 15.19 mins @ 24 fps]

No credits. ext. shot students walking past archways 1870 FETTES 1970 (.20) gvs ext. Fettes College (.38) illustrations of Fettes College in Victorian times (1.23) crowds of people walking around college grounds on Founder's Day (3.39) cricket match (4.32) rugby match (5.45) shots of Mr Beamish and Charles Potts (6.06) shots of people in the crowd beside the rugby pitch (6.39) rugby team has its photograph taken (7.17) old photographs of former rugby teams (7.40) portrait of first headmaster, Dr. Potts (7.58) old group photographs of pupils and masters (8.37) ext. gvs Fettes College (8.49) Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother arrives by helicopter on the school playing field and greets dignitaries (9.41) Queen Mother inspects guard of honour (10.28) Queen Mother arrives by car at school entrance and walks inside (10.56) int. Callover Hall; Queen Mother meets senior staff (11.06) int. old library, c/u Sir William Fettes' silver and other mementoes of the school's history. Queen Mother inspects portrait of schools first headmaster (11.30) Queen Mother leaves car and enters dining hall of school (11.54) int. dining hall. Queen Mother receives bouquet of flowers; Queen Mother gives speech (12.50) ext. shot new science block at school (12.58) Queen Mother talks to pupils in science and woodwork classes (14.02) ext. college - Queen Mother enters car and leaves (14.24) adults and children walking about in grounds of college (14.37) Queen Mother enters helicopter; helicopter flies over grounds of school (15.26) l/s silhouette of Fettes College (15.34) ecs (15.58)

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